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Longitude Wood               More projects coming soon

Volunteers  planting the Harrison commemorative oak.

Longitude Wood

Time Travel with Trees

Article by Dr. Robert M Jaggs-Fowler.

First printed in the Scunthorpe Telegraph, December 17, 2014.

John Harrison was a remarkable man, who spent best part of his adult life in perfecting his invention, working against social prejudices and overcoming numerous practical and financial set-backs. His life and achievement is now celebrated by the John Harrison Foundation (www.johnharrisonfoundation.org), which takes his values, vision, ideals and determination and channels the same into projects for today’s society, underpinned by the motto ‘Determined, Not Deterred’.


 Although, the Longitude Wood lays down a time-travelling memorial to John Harrison’s life in Northern Lincolnshire, drawing the history of three hundred years ago into the present, and with the potential to carry it on for three hundred years into the future, Longitude Wood (as with all woods) brings with it many health benefits. Just a simple stroll through woodland can make you feel calm, relaxed and able to think more clearly. Scientific research has also shown that people recover faster from serious illness or surgery if they have a view of nature from their windows, and trees especially enhance that sense of well-being.



Children with their “In Bloom” certificates.

A big delivery of native species Whips.

Local resident talks about longitude wood.

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