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Harrison eschewed the integers of western tempered scales preferring 'God’s' music to be heard as ratios of π (Pi). Much of Harrison’s ideas on music is yet to be deciphered.

Harrison’s signature on the last page of the 'Lincolnshire Papers’ (1730).

“Concerning Ideas for Making Accurate Clocks for use on Land or at Sea”

What are we?


John Harrison’s ‘Sea Watch’ (1759) in finding Longitude at sea produced something that changed the world, enabling an age of discovery, adventure, trade and ideas.


Harrison’s legacy is more than finding the longitude, momentous though that was, his inventions: ubiquitous in our modern world.


The bimetallic strip solving the temperature

compensated pendulum becomes the heart of every thermostat, developments of his rolling element bearings and low friction geometry literally run industry and transport.


Whilst honouring all this, John Harrison Foundation

should not be considered: another historical society.

The Foundation is about the next three hundred years every bit as the last.


History, is what we are and what we may become, should society define history as simply gone, some comforting place holder for nostalgia or curiosity, we do so at our peril.


... the next three hundred years!

 ‘Harrison re-imagined’

a series of new portraits commissioned by JHF from Lincoln artist and writer Allen Smith

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