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John Harrison Foundation Exhibition


Ambassadors and sailors from around the World explore the John Harrison Foundation exhibition and future projects in the Humber Quays building.  Hull Marina, Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire, England.

Many visitors were interested in how sailors find their longitude at sea.


JHF director Simon Yeo: last minute checks before our VIP’s arrive and plenty of books to browse.


JHF Founding director Christina McGilligan-Fell  introducing visitors to early models of the Greenwich Prime Meridian project.


Early visitors on the first public open day.


The location at Hull marina for VIP lunch and John Harrison Foundation exhibition.


Christina holding the model of Harrison’s ‘Sea Watch’ (H4) made for the Granada and Chanel 4 drama: Longitude,(2000). In the background: children's artwork from the JHF logo completion.


Making the John Harrison Foundation Race Award: Designed and built by Simon Yeo Studio

Many jigs and fixtures.


The typography on screen.


Engraving the lettering, note the parallel ‘teeth’ symbolic of Harrison’s gearing.


Lignum vitae  and brass representing Harrison’s choice of bearing material.


Three guided crowns:  part of Hulls civic crest.


Back view JHF race award stand.


Race award stand: birch ply, acetal co-polymer and 316 stainless steel,


Underside of JHF race award stand: access to weighted base.


Creator of the ‘Clipper’ Round the World Yacht Race: Sir Robin Knox-Johnston CBE holds the JHF race award with John Harrison Foundation founding director: Christina McGilligan-Fell.


 JHF race award on its stand.


Another van load for the exhibition.


The VIP space for the JHF exhibition at Two Humber Quays, Hull Marina


Setting up panels, lighting and architectural project models.


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