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John Harrison’s Parish Church until his move to London c1737.

Alexa Baskomb aged 4 holds a model of ‘H4’ made for the Chanel 4 and Granada film: “Longitude” 2000.

Bells at Barrow


As part of our commemorations for the Tercentenary of the original Queen Anne Act of Longitude 1714, we mounted a small exhibition at Barrow upon Humber, Lincolnshire, England.


Our venue in Barrow could only have been the 16th. century Church of the Holy Trinity, for in this Church as a young man, John Harrison rang the bells and as would later become apparent, to world changing significance. To Harrison’s enquiring mind the precision of bell ringing, the pulling of ropes at the right moment, directly influenced him in his understanding the proper action of pendulums as John would later say:


…“as will afford a nice, or true mensuration of time”


Fitting then that Barrow Church has become a highly regarded training centre with the Barrow and District Society of Church Bell Ringers.

The souvenir booklet produced for the 2014 Barrow exhibition.  (Click for PDF)

Visitors enjoying the historical exhibits in the Church, listening to the astounding Barton Brass Band raise the roof and showing great interest in JHF future projects.

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